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First and foremost, someone (below) expressed that Dr. Bonheur “runs her establishment like a car wash”! I’m taken aback by such due to the fact that I’ve experienced the total contrary! She is truly an amazing physician who cares for her patients, while spending the amount of time necessary to ensure that she has a full understanding of her patient’s condition (symptoms). She asks many questions during a patient’s visit in attempt to get to the source of the patient’s current condition (symptoms). She then takes her time to discuss her findings with the patient, while providing tips to help you along the way. She’s extremely thorough in her approach, possesses a great deal of patience and listens carefully (types almost everything and reverts back to such during future appointments). Not to mention, Dr. Bonheur makes one feel rather comfortable as she is genuinely kind – such a sweetheart! If you’re in search for a physician who truly cares for their patients, — Dr. Bonheur is the perfect physician for you just as she is for me! Bless!